Our goal

Raise funds to fight cancer

For the past ten years, Rock Against Cancer has been raising funds that are fully donated to two Luxembourg charities fighting against cancer: the Fondation Cancer and the Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner.

We have achieved to raise more than 208,000 EUR, allowing the creation of infrastructure especially for sick children. Since its creation, the full event has been entirely organised by volunteers, mostly from Swiss Life.

Fondation Cancer

info – help – research

The Cancer Foundation works tirelessly in the fight against cancer. In addition to providing information on prevention, screening and living with cancer, the Cancer Foundation has pursued four missions:

  • Decrease the number of cancer cases
  • Reduce cancer deaths
  • Help those affected by increasing their quality of life
  • Support research

To do this, it mobilises all its skills to support patients, to raise awareness among the population through prevention campaigns but also to finance research, essential to the development of new therapies, and one day a universal remedy.

Previous achievements thanks to Rock Against Cancer
  1. 2015 : Investment in technical medical equipment
  2. 2016 : Investment in medical analysis equipment for hospitals
  3. 2017 : Investment in the purchase of a microscope
  4. 2018 : Investment for breast cancer
  5. 2019 : Investment to maintain the support to the patients and for research
  6. 2021 : Financing of six research projects

Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner

together against childhood cancer

For more than 30 years, the Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner has been supporting families of children, teens and young adults suffering from cancer or a rare life-threatening disease on a daily basis.

In practice, they have three missions:

  • Defend interests of these children and their families
  • Accompany these children and their families with moral, psychological and palliative support
  • Support childhood cancer research
Previous achievements thanks to Rock Against Cancer
  1. 2015 : Investment in the renovation of a holiday apartment at the sea available to sick children
  2. 2016: Investment in IT equipment so that sick children can continue attending classes during treatment
  3. 2017 : Investment in helping families with sick children

How to participate?

Your contribution will make the difference

The success of Rock Against Cancer mainly relies on the commitment of companies that provide their support. Your contribution is really important to help us achieve the goals! To make this event a huge success, your presence, your support and your generosity would be highly appreciated.